Saturday, April 6, 2013

Here We Come!

The cherry blossom are coming -- just in time. This photo was posted on the interwebs earlier today.

I've had a pretty easy of week of running: I took two days off (Tu and Th) and on Wednesday ran 2 miles at Cherry Blossom Ten Miler pace (10:26 - 5:13/5:14) then a half mile in 2:21. I'd be lying if I said it was "easy", but what's done is done. Tomorrow I'll lace up the flats and get after it all the same.

My plan is to go out a little slower than usual (5:10-5:15) and HOLD that pace for 2-3 miles. If I hit 3-miles in 15:45, well, hell, that'd be perfect. This will likely mean letting some people get away from me, but if I keep a pack in sight (20-seconds up) I can work on walking them down in the subsequent miles. In doing so, I hope to *warm-up* and get running close to 5:0X pace once I hook onto Hains Point and then set my sights on the walking wounded.

But, race plans, like battle plans go to shit once you hit the beach. 



joe navas said...

Nice run out there today, Mr. Fox. Sounds like you hung tough and executed well.

KLIM said...

Thanks. To underscore what I said in the post above, it wasn't a great time, but I am truly happy with the effort/execution.