Sunday, January 13, 2013

One Week

The workout didn't go as planned, but it is what it is. My tendonitis was omnipresent throughout the run, but it didn't stop me from getting the workout in: 5:51, 5:47, 5:43, 5:42, 5:39, 5:38. Additionally, I was breathing harder than normal (a result of a lingering head cold - seriously, I've had it for over two weeks!) so the workout never felt relaxed, as it should have. But, what's done is done. 

Today I'll rest. Tomorrow I might do the same. On Wednesday I'll run a few miles at marathon pace. On Friday I'll fly to Phoenix. 

I can't do anything else to physically prepare for the marathon, but I can do plenty more to get myself to that starting line in a state of mental readiness. Last night at the bar, I pulled a stool up alongside Texas Paul, who was busy trying to flirt with a fellow patron. Deeming myself the priority, much to the chagrin of the lady, I cut in and began to inquire about how Tex had successfully run his 2:21 (debut!) marathon in the fall of 2010. The guy has a half personal best of 1:07:30, but, aside from that, his PRs don't indicate anything close to 2:21. His answer: confidence. He was so sure he was going to run 2:19 (the Olympic Qualifier at the time) that he went into the race not thinking about anything else. Though he failed to get the qualifier, a truly Herculean goal considering his PRs and the fact he was a marathon virgin, the pistol-shooting Texan ran a jaw-dropping 2:21 - arguably one of the best performance ever run in a GRC singlet (IMHO) especially taking into consideration the factors above. Hearing my workouts, Tex assured me I was ready. 

Earlier in the night Karl, a 2:20 guy who qualified for the aforementioned trials in 2008, said the same then added "I've never seen you in this type of shape before". On the ride home, Coach Jerry underscored what everyone else had already and said "you're not afraid to go after it". It sounds very silly, but in this last week, especially after these various hiccups, it really helps to hear this from everyone...and I need it. It's usually something I turn my shoulder to, but this week I want to be coddled like a baby fox. It's yet another reason why having a supportive team is so crucial to achieving one's goals.

I went to sleep still a little stuffed up and woke up at 7:00am, then I turned over and forced myself to sleep another couple of hours (something else Paul advocated - plenty of sleep). When I finally left the bed I felt refreshed and confident. 

PS - Tex ended up getting that girl's number.


Johnnie Cochran said...

Good luck in the marathon buddy. What made you pick Phoenix?

KLIM said...


We were asked (by our coach)to delay our fall marathon plans until after clubs in KY. There appeared to be tow options: Houston or Phx. Phoenix seemed to be the preferred option: weather, competition, RnR connection etc.

Houston was yesterday and from what I heard re: nasty rain/wind, I made the right choice. Phx might be warm, but it's a dry heat and I imagine it might not get warm until the mid-afternoon. It should be mid-40s at gun time.

I didn't want to wait any later than January to race.

Ancient Chinese secret said...

Good luck man! I hope you can forget that and run without any stress.

KLIM said...

Thanks Frank!