Monday, January 21, 2013


I went out as planned and hit 13.1 in a conservative 1:14:40ish (un). I felt good and began to pick it up, but was hit by *quad* pain (in my earlier post, I incorrectly described this as "hamstring pain") around 16 miles. I made it another 2+ before calling it quits. I still had 7 miles to go and I knew the day was lost. Initial diagnosis: minor dehydration? I had a side stitch early on and did not drink as much water as I probably should have (because I wanted to shake the stitch).

I hitchhiked back to the finish via a golf cart and two sedans.

It was by far the most frustrating race of my running career and a huge failure. That said, I did everything I intended to do and appeared to be struck with a little bad luck. The marathon is a bitch.

1    5:53.2   1.00  5:53
2 5:47.7  1.00 5:48
35:44.4  1.00 5:44
45:42.3  1.00 5:42
55:40.5  1.00 5:41
65:42.0  1.00 5:42
75:43.6 1.00 5:44
85:41.8  1.00 5:42
95:36.3 1.00 5:36
105:42.0 1.00 5:42
11   5:42.3     1.00 5:42
125:45.5 1.00    5:46
135:37.0 1.00   5:37
145:41.9 1.00 5:42
155:48.8 1.00 5:49
165:45.2 1.00 5:45
175:49.4 1.00 5:49
186:06.6 1.00 6:07


havegoats said...

sorry about he result. I'm a bit perplexed how reaching the half on pace to run 10 minutes ahead of your previous best was conservative. Was your conservative goal to run sub 2:30? If so, I'm surprised you didn't run something like 1:16 for the half and then push. Do you think you will quickly regroup and focus on a 5 minute PR, or rest up and rebuild later and seek a 10+ PR?

Jessica Karazsia (@irun26at8) said...

Sorry, Jake. Yes, the marathon is a bitch. There is no better way to describe it. I don't have any words of wisdom. I wish I did. You will get it next time.

KLIM said...

Dwyer - my goal was 2:27:59...and I assumed I could run somewhere between 2:25 and 2:30. My half and ten mile times suggest I am capabale of 2:23. My 2:35 was from 5 years ago and I am in much better shape than that.

I hit the half only a minute + faster than I did at Boston 5 years ago.

KLIM said...

Also, thanks to both of you for your nice words.

Chris Vames Sloane said...

Yeah, I completely understand what you're saying Jake. The marathon is a bitch. You certainly went out conservatively. I wouldn't dwell on it too much, which I know from experience is hard to do. But seriously, I think this sets you up for a really solid spring. You didn't waste energy by trying to finish the race, and at the end of the day you got in a hard 18 miler. I think later on down the road you'll look at it as a blessing, honestly. I think if you ran a great marathon, you would've been tanked for the spring. Just my 2 cents. You're a great runner. Get back to your roots of 10 miles.

KLIM said...

Sloane - that's a very good point re: the spring. Thanks for your kinds words as of late.

joe navas said...

Agree with the above.
It's damn near impossible to say what goes wrong when the body doesn't comply in the marathon. Cramps are cramps, hammy's do weird things at weird times and the push/pull of the buildup and taper going into a marathon taxes them in ways that no other type of training cycle does.
Just like Sloane said, you didn't damage yourself in that specific "marathon way" over those last 7 miles, so even though things obviously fell short for you regarding this goal, the training and said lack of damage should leave you ready for an excellent spring of racing. Marathons are for old dudes to catch the big fish when the speed's gone anyway (at least I'm going with that.) You've got plenty of time and too many shorter PR's to bag to worry too much about it.
Heal well and fast.

Jake said...

Bummer that the body didn't cooperate. The way that race was going (the leaders fading hard, and you staying consistent), you could have been up there for the win.

The marathon is definitely a cruel beast. Chalk it up to a strong 18 mile workout, get the body healed up, and make a plan to attack the spring season. Turn a negative into a positive.

KLIM said...

You're right about that, Jake. Thanks.

Great job, btw - 1:05 for second place in the half! Stellar!