Friday, August 31, 2012

The Fall Season Begins

It's been awhile since I've posted an update. To be honest, I haven't been busy, I guess I've just been lazy. However, I have been running.

I've only taken one day off (last Friday) since returning from Alaska and put in weeks of 63, 72 and 61 miles. During that time, I've put in a handful of solid long (14-15 mile) runs and even returned to the track on Wednesdays, though that has come with a price.

I am off of work this week so I've been able to run a little more than usual and in some spots I normally wouldn't typically get to during the work week. 

On Monday I met Sam of Luffington at Old Anglers Inn for an easy 10. I always forget how peaceful the Canal is at sunset. 

The next morning I drove up to Sycamore Landing Road in Poolesville and took off north on the towpath. Just before I got to Edward's Ferry, I came across a crew of park officials doing maintenance-like things at one of the various camp sites that dot the towpath. After sucking down some water at one of those giant pumps, I asked whether these guys ever saw things like bobcats or coyotes in the park. "Nah, but we do see some fox every now and then. They're real skittish though." I shrugged my shoulders and continued on my way. At Edward's Ferry I spied the evil Benedict Sloane revving the engine of his SUV. We chatted for a moment then went our separate ways. I ran the rolling roads back to Sycamore Landing (a great run BTW), but the morning was late (post 11:00am), the sun was high and the temperature was unseasonably warm. Running alongside lizards and men who deal with AstroTurf I zipped back to my waiting car. 10 miles.

On Wednesday I shuffled an easy 6 miles before meeting the ever-growing team at the track. I ran 3 x 1600 (5:00, 4:55, 4:49) at the track before joining Outlaw and Murphy for a 1-2-3-4-3-2-1 on/off workout on the Georgetown Branch Trail. It was a long workout and a big mileage day (18.5 miles), but I walked away confident and stronger. My hamstring is vulnerable to speed like this, but it's time to press it, evaluate and then see what the next steps might be.

On Thursday I jogged a very easy 9 miles from Aspen Hill up to, and around, Lake Needwood via the Rock Creek Trail and on Friday I jogged an easy 8 in Rock Creek Park.

Tomorrow I start my fall season at the Kentland's 5k. I'm not in any great 5k shape, but I need to dust off the flats and get racing - and why not get that satisfaction with a 3 mile race. I've run Kentlands before and, while it's not a fast course, it seems to be a fast race. There should be plenty of competition. I am hoping to go out a little conservative - 5:00/mile - then I'll see how I feel.

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