Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Doldrums

After a week of running every other day, last week I ran everyday but Sunday. Though my mileage wasn’t very high (mid-40s), I wanted to go through the daily motions of running even if that only means a four-mile jog. Part of me is nervous about resting too much for fear that my leg muscles will ease and, in turn, my old tweaks will return. If loyal blog readers remember, my injury came about because I was 1. Out of alignment and, 2. Certain muscles were doing more work than others. In fact some muscles weren’t firing at all. I had to strengthen those “slacker” muscles so that they’d work in concert with the muscles doing all the work. This accomplished, I want to keep up the mechanics and have everything continue working together.

Despite the hellish heat, my pace on runs seems to have quickened so I often find myself scaling things back, but while back in Massachusetts last weekend, I opened my valves a few times while traversing old stomping grounds. Other than that, running has been pretty boring. Hot, humid and boring.

These doldrums will continue until early August. While not taking a lot of time off, per se, I’m hoping this 7-week block of easing running will provide the appropriate rest and get me pumped for an uptick in training late in the summer.

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