Monday, July 16, 2012

Crystal Cove

The next stop on the Pacific Southwest 2012 Tour found us in Laguna Beach, or more specifically Crystal Cove State Park. I exited the car and looked up. Way up – a trail. Gulp. It would be another one of these runs. Although it was raining a little and the sun was far from sight due to the omnipresent marine layer, I lathered myself in sunblock then ditched the shirt. I took off slow and easy and proceeded to climb. And…climb. Like West Ridge, Crystal Cove was a dirt road that went up and down the many peaks and valleys that hug the Pacific Coast. And, like West Ridge, the views were spectacular. The trail to the top was about 3.5 miles. My endurance is pretty strong right now and although it was tough going, the hills weren’t really a problem. The trail was packed with people hiking and biking, but there were few runners. I passed some frat boys who commented on my lobster-like chest, a couple of gals who resembled porn stars and I think I saw a couple of “Real Housewives” in the midst of being filmed for one of their episodes. There were two down hills on the way to the top, but for the most part is was up. Once there, I drenched my brow under a faucet (the sunblock was stinging my eyes) then let the hill run me back to my car. Like yesterday, my back half was pretty quick (5:30s), but I reined it in some. I added another mile once I got to the car. Oh, and I saw a roadrunner. I wanted to make a “beep beep” sound, but I was 1. too tired and, 2. that would be lame. So, I didn’t. 8.5 for the day

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Peter said...

Lobster like chest. Funny and true.