Friday, June 8, 2012

Settling Down

I ran an easy 7.5 on Monday night and my legs were definitely tired from Sunday's twenty. I decided to take Tuesday off, my first day off in over 5-weeks, in an attempt to start the slow and steady taper that precedes any big race. 

On Wednesday morning I ran an easy 4 and then hit the track for the first time in what seems like an eternity. The goal was to a run 3 x mile cut down from 5:11 (goal pace) to 5:06 and then 5:01. As is typical, I failed miserably at setting the appropriate pace and lingered somewhere off the coattails of Sam and Karl. I ended up running 5:05, 4:56 and 4:52. It wasn't too fast, per se, as it felt quite easy, but it wasn't what I set out to do. I watched Sam and Karl run another rep and wished I had run their 4 x mile workout instead of an easy cut down as a chance to get one last hard effort in. However, Coach Jerry keeps reminding me to play it safe and that caution is key. 

I definitely can't replicate workouts like the one I did on Wednesday by doing them on my own (like I have been doing). In addition, my hip felt fine after running the miles, partly perhaps because the pace wasn't fast and because I only ran 3 reps. My mind wandered and wondered whether I should have stuck to the track.

I ran an easy 8.5 on both Thursday and Friday mornings. I felt (feel?) like I am fighting off something (a cold/stomach ache), but at press time, that "something" seems to have dissipated.

I have a short tempo tomorrow on the towpath and a pace-themed workout next Tuesday on the CCT. All my other runs will be short and easy.

Then it'll be time to go.

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