Friday, May 18, 2012

Stretched Out

I've been feeling pretty good this week. My legs are a bit tired, but not sore and I go into tomorrow's race feeling a tad "blah", but ready to race.

On both Monday and Tuesday I ran 8 miles. On Wednesday I ran an easy 4.5 in the morning and then met Karl at Cabin John in the evening for a workout. I wasn't very motivated to run hard and what I really wanted to do was take the afternoon off and hang on the couch with the remote. I warmed up for a few miles and got my legs under me and then we hit Half Mile Hill. Karl, who had raced a 15:05 5k on Saturday, and helped rabbit Sam in the 5,000m on Monday, was gracious enough to lend a hand, or a leg, for the first two reps: 2:33, 2:32. On the next two I struggled - 2:41, 2:40 - but, on rep number five, I was able to comeback south - 2:37. Karl helped me for part of the last rep (2:35) and I finished the workout tired, but somewhat pleased. "Any hill workout will always take something out of you", he noted. I agreed. We cooled down until my blood sugar dropped...then I pounded a smoothie.

I felt tired on Thursday morning (8.5) and even more tired on Friday morning (a paltry 6.5). 

I'm seeing the chiro again on Friday afternoon. He told me that my weak leg muscles were getting stronger and were staying more "aligned" as a result of the exercises and his adjustments. I definitely haven't experienced much (or any) leg pain in well over a week, so I think I'm in agreement. I highly recommend Dr. John Dandelski to anyone in the DC-area for anyone looking for this sort of thing.

Tomorrow I race in Germantown. I'm looking to run competitive and am less worried about time. I'd like to think I'm training through it.

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