Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April showers, bring May flowers?

On Monday morning I met Karl and Jimmy for what turned out to be 10 miles.  My legs were in surprisingly good shape considering Sunday’s race. I did my chiro-prescribed stretches post-run.

On Tuesday morning I met the same duo for a run in the rain. Karl, as is somewhat customary, was pacing bowlegged back-and-forth in front of the Golf Lane/Trolley Trail intersection. His gait resembles a man who has been riding horses his entire life; only Karl’s didn’t grow up out West, instead, eastern Pennsylvania, on the outskirts of Philly. It’s strange how he’s able to run so fast strutting around the way he does.  Meanwhile, Jimmy stared blankly ahead and pondered his upcoming wedding. Deep in thought or still waking up, I don’t think I saw him blink .The rain was blanketing them from above and I felt bad about showing up a couple minutes late, leaving them perfect targets for raindrops. I wasn’t looking forward to getting wet so I had bundled up with my light windbreaker, ball cap hat as well as gloves. Ten minutes into the run the rain stopped and I perspired profusely.  I probably lost 25 pounds. Probably not, actually. I got in eight miles, but in my post-run haste, I neglected to get in my stretches. I feel this might become a norm, but I must be diligent. I must stretch.

On Wednesday morning I ran four and a half miles and got ready for the evening workout, the likes of which you’ll read about in my NEXT post because I haven’t run it yet…

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