Thursday, May 10, 2012


The rain didn’t make the going any easier, but it was clear something else was wrong and diagnosing the problem was easy - I was tired.

On Wednesday evening, I set out to run a similar workout that I did last week. A cool rain fell and, after a 3-mile warm-up, I was completely drenched.  I hit the dirt road with gusto (2:41), but I had a hard time getting comfortable. I suppose I just needed to warm-up. My second rep was faster (2:37) and my third (2:40) was right where I was aiming to be, but I was huffing and puffing like a big bad wolf. I kept telling myself not to focus on the number of reps I had to do (6 to 8), but instead focus on the next rep. I chucked my shirt, turned my ball cap backwards and tried to run hard and relaxed up the hill. 2:46. While not completely terrible, I decided to pull the plug. I was breathing considerably harder than I was last week and it was clear that I was simply having a bad day. The top of my IT band was starting to tire, but in all honesty I would have kept at it if I were feeling spunkier. Additionally, the cold rain and wet clay I was racing on didn’t help moral. I ran a mile cool down and decided to forgo running the next morning and instead sleep in. I’m hoping to run a hard long run this weekend, so the week won’t be a total waste. It's been awhile since I've had a bad workout.

I took it easy earlier in the week and ran 7 and 8 miles on Monday and Tuesday, respectively. I ran an easy 4 on Wednesday morning prior to the workout getting in 11 for the day.

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