Friday, April 20, 2012


I don't know why, but I've been incredibly tired lately. I am getting plenty of sleep (last night I was in bed before 9:30) and I am not really running that much, but I feel very lethargic when I head out the door at 6:41am.

A typical early morning looks like this: 

6:00am - rise from slumberland
6:02am - start brewing coffee, check e-mail on phone
6:03am - give Alfie his "chickey treat" (Alfie then disappears back downstairs in order to go back to bed)
6:07am - start sipping coffee, open door to blacony and check the weather
6:08 - 6:15am - stare off into space whilst drinking coffee
6:15 - 6:20am - wash dishes
6:20 - 6:30am - restroom and change
6:30am - finish last swallow of coffee, begin chugging Gatorade
6:37am - go back to balcony and check weather again, put on shoes
6:38am - begin cursing
6:40am - realize I should have already left to meet the North Bethesda Distance Project at The Gate
6:41am - actually leave to meet NBDP at The Gate 
6:46am - meet NBDP at The Gate

This morning I met Karl and Scott for a run to Tilden. Although we ran easy, I was still dragging. I contemplated running a low-key 5k on Saturday, but I don't think that's in the cards, because I just feel tired and sore (a good sore, not a bad sore). Instead, I think I'll just try and get some mileage in. I should have around 70 this week.

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