Saturday, April 28, 2012

Press It!

I had another (hopefully minor) set-back on Wednesday. The pain in the right leg (the bad one) reared its head and inhibited me from finishing my workout. I felt the pain before the workout began and the fast-paced 800s only exemplified the issue. I pulled out 600m into rep # 3, stretched and then tried to cool down -- but it wasn't happening. All I could do was clench my fists.

I took Thursday completely off and, at Sarah's urging, went to see Dr. John Dandelski again. John, as he likes to be called, was the chiro I met via happenstance through a work colleague. Last fall, or summer, he adjusted my pubic bone (awesome times) and gave me some stretches/strengthening exercises that really started me on my road to recovery. Yesterday he adjusted me again and prescribed two stretches: one for my psoas (hip flexor) and one for my pririformis - that pear shaped muscle between one the pelvis and upper leg. Below is a synopsis of what I learned from John and what I, in turn, sent to Sarah and Coach Jerry:

My spine for some reason gets out of alignment and then, in turn, my pelvis gets out of whack...since they're connected. My muscles around my pelvis and hip then have to work extra hard to keep me moving forward and fast. The faster/longer I run, the more then need to go into overdrive. The chiro adjusted my pelvis/pubic bone and my legs were immediately (like night and day) MUCH stronger when he put pressure on them (ie - as if I were using same muscles to run). He gave me two stretches I need to do in order to strengthen my weak areas. 

So the plan is:
1. Strengthen weak muscles with prescribed stretches
2. See chiro aggressively for next 2 weeks with hope of making gains 
3. continue training

Of course, with Pike's Peek (arguably one of the fastest road 10ks on the eastern seaboard) just around the corner, this came at a very inopportune time. I decided to play it by ear and see how I felt after an easy run on Friday and then more importantly how I felt on Saturday. I felt two or three twinges (all within the first half mile) during a 3 mile "test" run on Friday, but aside from that, all was fine. On Saturday morning I met Karl and Sam for an easy 8. I felt the impact of my stretches in my weak leg, but no twinges. 

So, I've decided to race. If for some reason the faster pace causes any problems, I can always pull out. But I hate giving myself "outs" (regardless of the circumstance) before a big race. Injury aside, I NEED to race if I plan on being competitive for 13 miles in 7 weeks. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to throwing down.

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