Friday, March 30, 2012

Sunrise on Sunday

"How true it is that we really appreciate something only once we no longer have it.  The opportunity and ability to train hard, to be able to pour in the effort to work your body to its limit, is a joy, a blessing and a privilege.  Think it through.  To have a body in sufficient condition for it to be able to be pushed to its limit, time after time, and to keep coming back for more, is a wonder.  Make the most of it.  Revel in it.  It won't last forever, though it can last a darned sight longer than many would have you believe.  Don't believe the myth that getting old means the cessation of hard training.  A modification of training, yes, but the continued putting in of effort and dedication until you expire."

S. MacRobers


Chris said...

That's one fukin awesome quote. See you out there.

dirkdeheer said...

hey Klim, its been good reading about your progress. That Shamrock time was not bad at all! I think you might pull surprise sunday, and as always your race plan seems exactly like what I would have done. And by the way, I didn' die- actually ran 14.48 5k last week and hoping for a good 10k at Mt Sac in April.

Snizow said...

"Springtime weather always brings out the vixen, and today was no exception."

KLIM said...

Dirk - wow, that's great. We will miss you this year! I hope I surprise myself. I've been putting in good work, but I am not "there" yet. Hope to be in good shape by June.

Good luck at Mt Sac!