Thursday, March 15, 2012

Best Workout Yet

It's been the subject of a recent post, but that's a good thing...
It was short, but sweet. Due to some last minute confusion, I mistakenly jumped into the A Group’s workout. We were tasked with running 6 (laps), 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 starting at 72 sec/400 pace for the 1.5 miler and cutting down a second per repetition (e.g. – 5 laps at 71s, 4 laps at 70…)

The first rep went well. I simply held onto the coattails of Sam, Outlaw, Karl and Hanson and went through the mile in 4:55 and finished home in 7:24. The 2,000 seemed easier and I ran 5:59 (4:47 at the mile). Running 70 second laps for the mile would be tough so Wertz (who was essentially running the back of the pack with me) and I decided to run that pace for 800 and see what we could do. I hit halfway in 2:22, rallied ahead of Outlaw, then fell back only to rally again in the last 150m for a 4:45. My legs, and stomach, were cooked. Running sub-70s just ain’t happening right now. My calf is still tight from LAST Tuesday’s workout and the fast/downhill first mile from Sunday’s race didn’t help remedy that. I shuffled an easy mile and a half cool down and called it a night. And despite the stomach cramping, it WAS a good night. I got in 13 that day after running an easy 4 in the morning.

Earlier in the week, I ran an easy 8 on Monday evening and an easy 9 on Tuesday morning – all 17 of those miles with the NBDP.

On Thursday, I dragged my butt out of bed early to run easy once again with Karl and Sam. I could only muster 8+. I am tired.

The trails around Rock Creek are the most beautiful they’ll be all year – the woods are carpeted with green shamrocks peppered with bright yellow buttercups. Blue birds and diving in and out of view and big fat red robins are gorging on equally fat worms. If I were a poet, I might have a field day.

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