Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gripped by Gripe

Since buying a new car on Monday my stomach has been in knots. Someone joked it was buyer's remorse, but since I was actually happy with my decision I knew it was something else. 

By Tuesday morning my stomach was gurgling with acid, but I was able to get in 9.5 with the NBDP. I felt fine for the rest of the day, but the strange sensation came back that night. Weird.

I had set my sights on running a double on Workout Wednesday. It would be my first double since July, 2010. My belly swished with acid when I awoke and I decided to eat some food. I ran later in the morning, but could only muster three and a half miles. I was pretty adamant about getting to the workout that night, but it was looking less and less likely as the day went on. Finally I realized I couldn't feel any worse than I was feeling already, so I slithered on my tights and shoes then stumbled out the door. I honestly didn't think I'd make it through the warm-up, but somehow, someway I did. My stomach pain didn't go away, but it never got any worse. That, plus the adrenaline of my first workout in literally months gave me reason to press ahead. While the effort around the oval was nothing to write home about, I hit the desired times with ease and I was quite happy: 5 x 800m (2:31, :30, :29, :28, :25). I got in over 10 for the day and I couldn't have been more pleased all things considered.

I thought by Thursday, after a good sleep, I'd feel fine, but it was not to be. The burning came and went throughout the day. I went out late in the afternoon for a run, because again I couldn't feel any worse than I already did, and stuck to the "Fox & Deer Trail" that parallels Rock Creek. Only a half mile into the run I had a RED FOX SIGHTING. It was the first time, in a long time, I'd seen V. vulpes along the creek. He was a handsome specimen with a streak of black running down his side. Before departing into the dense brush he winked. And I back. Soon silly fox games gave way to a burning stomach. Above me a Red-tailed Hawk perched stoically in a pine tree, a squirrel lay limp in his sharp talons. Well, at least I don't feel as bad as that old squirrel, I thought. The pain went, then came back again and then finally went away for good. I got in 8.

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