Sunday, October 2, 2011

Turning Things Around

I had a good run form the Store on Saturday. There was a light rain and temps were perfect for running. We (Murphy, Luff, Marren and Breezy) left Georgetown and headed north/east along the muddy Glover Archibold Trail until we got to Wisconsin Ave. From here we zipped down to Connecticut via some trail I can never remember before being dumped out near the zoo. After negotiating our way around some bears, we headed south towards Georgetown and found our way back to the Store via the Dumbarton Oaks Trail and 34th Street. We kept it easy for the majority of the run and I shut it down at 10.

On Sunday I ran solo from Riley's Lock. After a 1.3 mile loop with Emily and lil' Alfie, I moved north/west along the Potomac to Sycamore Landing Road. Running felt good and the weather was, again, ideal for a long-ish run. At times the sky wasn't sure whether it wasn't to rain or cast down sunshine, so it did both. The trail was very lonely and I didn't see a soul for miles. By the time I reached rolling River Road, the sky had opened some and a light rain pelted my body. I started at 6:20s and was slowly cutting down. When I returned to the trail I notched miles of 5:45 and 5:39 before shuffling back to the car. 13.

The weekend capped a solid, pain-free, 7-days of 53 miles (6 runs). I am happy with how things are progressing, but I must continue to progress slow.

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