Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Logging Miles Again

I no longer have pain/discomfort in the hammy or glute and I seem to be holding up fairly well in the Kinvaras. I ran just shy of an hour in them on Saturday, but took Sunday off as a precaution.

I ran 6 miles on Monday night and then 6 again on Tuesday morning. I have minor discomfort on the inside of my right leg (this damn thing is always moving around) but it's very minor and it isn't enough to stop me from running. I am still stretching/strengthening after each run and, as a result, I feel quite strong. So, all systems seem to indicate "go", or, rather, "proceed cautiously forward".

I haven't written in my running log since the mile race in late June. It's frustrating and frankly depressing to write "0" every day next to my mileage column, so I stopped doing it altogether. Today, however, I feel like I can start recording data again. This will be a symbolic return to training and I hope I don't jinx myself by restarting this daily tradition.

My plan right now is to slowly uptick my mileage over the next several weeks. I set no deadlines, but my long term plan is to do more with less and slowly build, build, build. If I can return to working out later this fall - great. If I can hop in a race or two - super. BUT, I am more concerned with getting in consistent, pain-free, training. If all goes well, hopefully I can make a major comeback in the spring. I get in shape fast, but it'll take a LOT of work to get back to where I was in May of 2010 (14:46/30:56/50:56). Where there is a will, there is a way and I certainly don't lack the necessary environment and training partners to make this happen.

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