Thursday, August 4, 2011

No Plan

It has begun.

I've returned to the pool. And the pool sucks. My pool isn't open in the mornings, so I am forced to close the laptop as close to 6:15pm as possible and then beat feet back home. It takes me about 35 minutes to make the trek, plus the 5-10 minutes or so to change and get my injured ass down to the pool. The pool closes at 8pm sharp (though, closer to 7:55) so I NEED to be sliding into the warm water no later than 7:00. I've been able to get in a solid workout every day this week but Monday (closed early due to t-storms). My workouts are listed below and they do leave me pretty exhausted. The core definitely gets worked as do my arms. In fact, my arms and upper body are simply jacked. I beat the shit out of two high school bullies on Tuesday - all as a result of water running. I wish that were the case, but I am getting stronger in the arms. That much is certain

There are a number of overweight people who frequent the pool at that hour. Two have mustaches that turn down and they look like walruses. Walruses with shirts on. Or is it walri (plural)? In any case, they float like icebergs and bump right into me while I am "on" (I run "ons" and "offs" per the workouts below). I suppose it is fine, but I get real angry while I am in the pool -- and walri don't help.

I am not 100% convinced that water running works, especially for distance runners, but it certainly fills the vacuum. I still don't have a master plan, per se, and, for now, I am simply wallowing in the pool like a walrus. My hope is that this thing (whatever it is I have)shakes out in 2 weeks and then I'll get back into it.

day 1: 6:30 on 90" off X 8
day 2 4'on 1' off, 3' on, 1'off, 2' on, 1' off X 6. You will see this as 4/3/2 with 1' in the future
day 3 3'/2'/1' with 1' off X 8
day 4 25x 1' on with 45 sec off
day 5 5x 8' on with 90 sec off, 6x 30 seconds on/off
day 6 6:30/90 x7, 1x 3 minutes all out
day 7 5x 1' on/off, 6x 4'on/1' off, 5x1' on/1'off
day 8 20x 90 sec on 1' off, 1x 6 min all out
day 9 4/3/2 X 6 1' revcovery btwn each
day 10 9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 with 1 min recovery
day 11 4 on 1 off x 10
day 12 6/4/2 X 4 1' recovery
day 13 10' on 2 off X 5
day 14 24x 2 min on 1' off

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