Monday, August 29, 2011


I am gaining traction as a result of running in minimalist shoes all while executing a vigorous stretch/stretch routine. Pain/discomfort in the glute/hammy area is way down in intensity.

I've been alternating runs between the KINVARA and MERRELL TRAIL GLOVE. The trail glove feel far better while I am running than the Kinvara, but the Kinvara has a little more support. In fact, I've yet to feel my glute/hammy while wearing the Merrells, however today, for the first time in a week, I did feel my hammy/glute while running in the Kinvaras. Frustrating indeed. My longest run to date has only been 26 minutes and it feels good to get that much in, but I wonder if it is TOO much right now? I took Saturday off (from running) but still water ran while at a hotel somewhere in the mountains of Northern Michigan. I also got in a good stretch session.

I have 8 separate stretches/strength exercises that I've been doing and I can report they are getting easier to do each day. I really need to stitch this into my daily routine.

One day at a time.


Chris said...

Jake-it sounds like the more minimal, the better for you right now. I would try to run as much as you CAN in minimal shoes right now but know that at some point later on as you get stronger you probably would need to balance both minimal and regular shoes(lightweight trainers like the kinvara, or one that I like the brooks launch are a good balance of both).

KLIM said...

Chris - I think you are right. I am thinking of cutting down use in the Kinvara until my leg gets stronger. I am just very fearful of developing other (read plantar) pain by running in these shoes.

Towpath said...

The true danger of minimalist shoes, is that running in them feels great, you do too much, too soon, and you develop a metatarsal stress fracture. Try and run on grass when possible. I would still keep your Merrel runs capped at 30min. Let your body adapt slowly. I know this goes against Red Fox doctrine but I'll say it anyway; don't press the thing.

I'm telling you.

Anonymous said...

Random Bystander here, just wanted to add my two cents. The minimalist thing is no fad, in fact there is quite a bit of research on it. A full review of the scientific literature on the topic:

my advice for you is don't be afraid of going with out 'support'. If done right minimalist and even barefoot running are perfectly safe. However there is always the danger of doing too much too soon. For right now what you are doing is probably a good idea until you get more comfortable with the minimalist shoes. If you have any questions about minimalist/barefoot stuff, I'd be happy to try and help.

KLIM said...

Deep Throat - I'd love to hear your thoughts/suggestions. To change from 17 years of striking my heal to striking my forefoot gives me pause and I don't want to start a "new war" (injury). Feel free to post her or send to

Much obliged.

Towpath - I am running <30 mins