Monday, August 22, 2011

The Merrells Worked?!

I ran 15 minutes tonight on a treadmill in the Merrell Trail Glove without ANY pain!

Without altering my stride or form I observed very minor discomfort during this 2-mile test. The difference is NIGHT AND DAY from what it's like running in my normal running shoes.

Is this a breakthrough? The "way forward"? Or, will this simply result in DIFFERENT pain (like plantar, shin splints, etc)?

I am not sure if it's medically accurate or not, but it's clear, at least to me, that smashing my heal each stride is having a major effect on my injury...or perhaps this IS the route cause of my injury? Despite this good news, this doesn't "fix" my problem, but what it does do is give me a way forward without pain. I'll share all this news with the Podiatrist tomorrow and hopefully get some answers.

My gut says that if I am able to run sans pain in minimalist shoes that I'll still need to strengthen/stretch my hamstring and all the other tendons/muscles that have contributed to this situation I now find myself in.


Towpath said...

Excellent (Mr. Burns voice)

Charlie Ban said...

Exactly! (Homer trying to emulate Mr. Burns)

I hereby volunteer Towpath to film and diagnose any biomechanical ills, because he had been nagging you about your form since I met you two.

Will said...

Merrells are good stuff!

Also, if you want a shortcut - see a structural integrationist. They will get in there and stretch the muscles that need it, putting everything back in place. It takes like ten sessions, and isn't cheap. I could do it but it's not my specialty, but I can get you some referrals.

Oh yeah, it hurts like hell too.