Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ready or Not

It's been one year since I've donned my singlet and slipped on my flats, but tomorrow I'll be doing just that...

I've had a fairly good week of running: I took Monday off as per usual, ran an easy 9 with Luffy on Tuesday down through the Walter Reed Annex trails and an easy 7 the next day with Luffy the day before his big race at Penn (he ran 30:13). On Thursday I met Karl, Scott and a ragamuffin known as Mike Smith for 11 miles up and around Rock Creek and the neighborhoods surrounding it. Today I ran 8, I think. I forgot to start my watch and I never asked anyone for a time when we finished. I did some striders down on the waterfront. I feet fresh and antsy, but I wasn't without my minor aches and pains.

That said, my injury IS getting better -- that is the headline. Do I hurt on runs sometimes? Yes, but I am having plenty of good days and my bad days are now few and far between. I never seem to have any residual pain later in the day, at work, long after finishing my run. This was not the case earlier this year and last winter. Tomorrow I am simply trying the shake the cobwebs out and get back to doing what I am wired to do: race. It's a low-key 5k (though it is rumored to have upwards of 10,000 runners) and I intend to approach it with salivating caution.

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