Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Faux Day Off = Double

As per usual, after running on Sunday morning, I took Monday morning off and didn't run until Monday night. This provides a faux day off (36 hours between runs) which is nice rest for the legs -- but it comes with a price...

I met Karl and Sam for a run at 8pm. The weather was ice cold and the wind had a bite. I've been battling a head cold (nothing like the photo entails, though I did find that funny) for days and, to be honest, aside from a 10 hour nap Sunday night, haven't done anything to help myself get better. I'm always unclear whether running is good or bad when you have a cold, so I play it by ear. I bundled up a bit more than normal - donning tights and a windbreaker - and hit the Trolly Trail. We looped around NIH before venturing back along the neighborhoods on rolling Parkwood. My injury area felt okay, but not awesome. My left Achilles/calf/shin, always a troublesome spot, was a little sore. I think I need new shoes. I crept into bed not long after and went to bed. I met Hanson the next morning for another 8 miles. I'm not "back" enough to run back to back like this, but I need to at least one day in order to get back on the a.m. running schedule.I felt better than I thought, but I feel as if I am doing a bit too much, too soon, so I may need to scale back some. I also need to kick this cold and Achilles issue.

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