Monday, November 22, 2010

The Best Day Yet

Sunday, simply put, was the best day I've had since coming back. I had little to no sensation in my area of injury and I felt good pounding down the Towpath. I ran with a half dozen GRCers from Old Angler's Inn. It was a simple 7 mile out and back but I was longing to run even more. The more I run, the better I seem to feel, but I know that I still must be leery of pushing too much too soon. I walked away with just shy of 40 miles for the week after putting in 6 days of training. I am not trying to hit certain numbers etc, this is simply what happened by the time the week ended so I am noting it. I also walked away from the run content for the first time in months and a sense of hunger I certainly haven't had since last winter. After the run I ate a delicious open face turkey sandwich from Chicken Out and while driving home, I realized how much I missed all this - running, feeling good about it, goofing around with the team, gorging on rib-sticking food because we can and then driving home with some odd sense of pre-noon accomplishment. All of this gave me a good feeling (endorphins?) for the remainder of the Sunday.

I was checked out by Sarah in the afternoon and she seemed to think I was fine. She gave me some light stretching for my sometimes present hammy pain and she suggested I start running hills (something I've been avoiding to a degree).

I ran 40 minutes on Monday morning and, unless I feel the need not to, will continue to run every day because this seems to be helping and not hurting - so long as I keep it easy. I didn't feel as good as I felt on Sunday but instead more on par as I did on Saturday, which was still a fine day.

I understand these gains are fragile and reversible but this seems to be a huge step forward (pun intended). In addition, Jake Marren and Dickson seem to be crawling back to shape and even Petey Towpath was spotted running on a treadmill recently. It appears, unless I am missing someone (?), that everybody in GRC's 35 man stable is healthy or on their way back. This is obviously a very great thing.

Here's to an even better week than last...


Andy said...


By the way, the word verification that I have to type in to have this comment count is "areousnm". Something about that word seems strange.

Chris Vames Sloane said...

Great job Red Fox. All I can say is continue to listen to your body, always. The key thing to take away here is to not just get back to running/training, but to learn and teach your body how to stay balanced and avoid injury in the future.

KLIM said...

CTR - what are you talking about?

CVS - thanks.

Andy said...

You know what I'm talking about *wink*