Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Prison Transfer

Upon entering the Montgomery County Aquatic Center, I could sense a bit of relief. First and foremost, the notion that I would no longer need to water run outdoors put me at ease. I dipped into the 18 foot deep pool and immediately noticed how many more water runners there were here. At the Y, there were practically 0, whereas here there were about a half dozen. I shrugged my shoulders and got started: 9:00 on/1:00 off, 8/1, 7/1, 6/1 all the way down to 1/1. I feel as if I didn't push it enough today. I've gotten better at hammering the pace (essentially driving the knees higher and faster), but it's easier to fall asleep on the longer reps vice the 4:00 and under ones.

Tomorrow, I'm set to run 3 miles: either on the track or the (flat) asphalt. The soreness in my legs is gone, so there shouldn't be anything masking any injury pain...if, injury pain exists?

PHOTO - the MAC. Water running occurs at the top left hand side of the photo. There is a sweet water slide (the blue tube above where the water running happens) which circles around the entire complex. It looks like that one humungous chute in that board game "Chutes and Ladders". Someday...

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RM said...

That's a dope looking pool. You get the whole diving well to yourselves??