Saturday, October 23, 2010


I ran 2-miles (13:45) at the AU track this afternoon under the watchful eyes of Stretcher Sarah. The last time I was at
this track I ran 3 x 1600 (400) in 4:39, 38, 44. Wow, what I difference an injury makes. I was running 100% by feel, but I wanted my gait to resemble what it normally would during a regular run (ie - I did not want to shuffle).

I felt awkward, especially during the first 2 laps, and I could notice the area where, and around where, the stress fractures are, but I left the track feeling pretty good. Good enough that my eyes quietly welled with tears of joy. The orthopedist and others suggest I WILL feel the area as I get back into things.

A full report to come later as I am very interested to know how I will feel later in the day.


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