Friday, October 22, 2010

Done with the Outdoor Pool

The pool's surface splashed with monotonous hands doing the crawl. The big Russian guard paced back and forth in his hooded sweat shirt. It was the same old thing. The sky looked ominous on this Friday and it should be so. Another one of the inmates swam over to me during the middle of my workout and said hello. I smiled back and informed her this was my last day. "It is?!" She seemed neither jealous nor sad. The big guard stared blankly down at me and then kept pacing. I smiled and kept the heart rate steady. By the time I climbed out of the pool there were just but a few others swimming laps. As I marched down the hallway towards the exit I heard other members shouting and rattling their coffee mugs on the bars of their cells. The shouting intensified until the door slammed behind me. Then, all was quiet. My time here is done. I was free. I looked back just once and saw the big Russian Guard. He smiled.