Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Set Back

Just when you think things can't get worse...

During my weekly stretching session, Sarah suggested I try a few new stretches. She keeps adding/taking away stretches when she feels it is appropriate to do so. In a sense there is a little bit of trial and error here as we try to work through this. I understand this. Once such stretch (on back with one leg straight and the other leg bent at knee with foot pointing out and knee lying next to straight knee while stretched leg remains flat - a shitty job illustrating that, but that's what you get) seemed to help me along alright, but after my morning run with Karl on Monday (8 miles) I limped about for most of the day. I wasn't totally surprised by this, but I was when the leg pain never relented. I tried the new stretch again, thinking it might have helped, but instead I walked around on Tuesday with more of the same, plus pain in my right foot/ankle. Sarah told me to stop doing that particular stretch which, of course, I did. I woke up on Wednesday STILL feeling sore and iced/took Aleve then made a call to my doctor to get a referral for an MRI/XRay that tests for:
- stress fracture
- bone spurs
- arthritis
- labral tear
- sports hernia


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Steve J. said...

Good idea. I know as runners we don't like to go to the doctor and avoid it at all costs, but I think this is a good idea. This problem has been effecting you for a while now and without knowing how severe it is. Could be nothing, but it's a good idea to play it safe.