Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Pool: Thursday & Friday

I hit the pool at 7am on the dot Thursday morning and then did my thing. I tried using a belt earlier in the week, but I didn't notice much of a difference other than being even more buoyant. Additionally, it was cutting into the skin on my back so I threw it off. I ventured back to the Y on Friday night but this time I shared the deep end with young tykes doing cannonballs and pathetic "flips". Countless fathers were teaching countless children the proper way to dive. No one seems to see me and kids coming crashing down all around. One woman asked what I was doing and when I replied she suggested I swim instead. I retorted how I don't enjoy swimming much and then she countered "how is that water running going for you? clearly making a reference to the monotony and insanity of it all. She was right, but this seems to be working. It's getting me back into the daily workout routine and taking my mind off my injury. At least I am doing SOMETHING now. My arms feel jacked, my stomach/core feels tighter and my leg muscles feel strong and sharp. Most of these workouts are really working my cardio. I just need to stick with it.

REPORT: word just came via text that arch rival Bert broke 15:00 this morning on the roads...and won. We spoke the other evening about hitting the 5 mile mark next April at Cherry Blossom in 24:55. Back to the pool I go.

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