Sunday, August 1, 2010

Time to Start Stretching

My teeth bite down hard and I sneer. My lip curls and my fists clench. I'm hungry and angry. All I want to do is bite into something as hard as I can. I imagine myself a saber tooth tiger and tearing into flesh. I am angry and I am hungry. I lash out at runners running by. "Who said you could run here?" I must be a madman.

The days tick by and I wonder if I am healing or not.

On Saturday I had a session with Sarah Collins Buckheit. Sarah, in a sense, stretches people for a living. On Saturday, Sarah was stretching the Storage Twins who were in town for something or other. They claimed Sarah had magical powers and "if you stick with what she has to say all will be fine". This is exactly what I needed to here and exactly what I needed. In no time I was on the floor and Sarah was bending my legs in various directions. I felt like a prisoner in Gitmo, but by the end of the session I felt as if I had gotten somewhere. Apparently my lower body is a mess especially my back and hamstrings...this is likely a result of a decade and a half of not stretching properly. I now have homework to do in the form of stretching.

More about the group Sarah is working with here -


TerribleTerry said...

I'm enjoying your blog. How long does Mrs. Collins think you'll need to rest?

KLIM said...

She actually thinks I can start running again this week and wants me to do just that to see if the stretching is working. Though, I've had much success in taking 1-2 weeks off and then starting back up again, so I don't think I'll try running until the end of the week. This will be "light running".

My original plan is to be up and running by next Monday.