Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nothing Has Changed

On the run this morning I felt everything I didn't want to feel - nothing has changed. I ran an easy 8 miles with the team and felt worked for the better part of the trek. The 10 days of rest didn't work and I am still maim. As I drove out along the Dulles Toll Road to be stretched by Sarah again, I recalled driving down this same highway in March for the Van Metre 5 Miler en route to a sub-25 effort. Boy, how things have changed. Sarah insists I am all out of whack, but I am strong and I am fixable. My feet, hips, hamstring, back and everything else in that area is all tweaked. The stretching and work continues. In the meantime, I'll try running again tomorrow - easy, no hills - and then commence water running on Monday. If I hurt after water running the problem is NOT in my feet, but rather somewhere else.

I will post a more thorough recap on the injury tomorrow. Until then, the ship continues to sink.

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