Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ready or Not

Sunday marks my fifth day off. It's hard to know whether I'm "better" yet since I've purposely not run or done anything to test my groin (that's a weird sentence). I can report with confidence that the problem is no worse than it was 5 days ago, but it may not be any better. I still find myself limping about at times, but I'm not sure if that's related to the groin or not. Chris Bain once wisely noted that all the pains come out when you take time off. Your body is use to running every day and all those little tweaks get buried in the mileage. When you're not running, those tweaks come out in force. I am not sure if there is any science behind this, or even whether it is true, but I buy it.

Last night I wandered around the sidelines of Rockville Twilighter. I don't mind watching races, unless of course I am suppose to be running them...which, was the case last night. Still, it was fun to mingle with running friends and frenemies while gulping free post-race beer from white plastic cups. I looked a few ticks away from a homeless man as I meandered the crowds, occasionally limping, with a half drunk beer in each hand. I saw the brick wall where I spent much of last year's post-race propped up against due to severe stomach issues. I thought about every other year I've run this race and how awful I've felt. Do I really miss this? The sad thing is I do. 

I've noticed a lot of differences this week since I haven't been running; I have copious amounts of free time, my condo is spotless, I'm well rested, I'm not as hungry...but I long to continue training. So, tomorrow I think I will start and see where I am at.  

Thanks to Billy Askey who e-mailed me a series of stretches, which I proceeded to do throughout the night...much to the amusement of everyone around me.

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