Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cape Cod Long Run

I met up with Cape Cod legend Joe Navas and his friend Tim for a long run at Nickerson State Park/Cape Cod Rail Trail in Brewster. We hit the hilly park road first (7-8 miles) before jumping on the flat/fast bike path. Independence Day brought everyone out on the trail. We started at 6:30s and then worked our way down to 6:10s, before hammering home at 5:45 pace. We finished 15+ a tad under 1:40. I am feeling better and better on these long runs; I am getting more accustomed to the heat and the pace is feeling exponentially easier. This above all has helped with my (marathon) confidence...but now it's time to up the ante. I am going to take a hard look at my training calender and see what type of mileage I can handle and when I should start building up even more (ie - around 100).

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joe navas said...

Never has a single word had such a power to flatter and make me feel old simultaneously.
Hope your injury goes by the wayside quickly. You're on the brink of a monstrous summer/fall season.