Thursday, June 10, 2010

Working Out Again

Last night I ran my first workout in 6 weeks. I was hoping to feel fresh and full of fight, but instead I felt awkward. After a 4 mile morning run, a met 9 GRCers at B-CC for a trip down the CCT. We warmed up for 2.5 miles and then took off. The workout was simple; 5 minutes on, 5 minutes off, 4 on/off, 3, 2, 1. The 5 minutes "on" equated to about a 4:50-4:55 mile, but I felt considerably awkward bounding down the trail. My legs had no "give". After the 4, I began to tire but knowing that each subsequent rep was shorter, I held firm and tried to make the best of it. I pushed pretty hard on the 2 and 1 and found my legs reeling from the affects of this first dose of speed. I shook my head and shuffled back to B-CC with the team, but the cooldown was a killer. My legs seized up a few times and when I finished they felt good and heavy. Sigh. 13 for the day.

The next morning the workout continued. I first met Karl outside his place, then Bain on the Trolley Trail and finally Jordan & Scott for a run down into Tilden Park. My legs were howling by the end and achy as I limped my way to work and hour or so later. Only 8, but I needed to chill.

Keep the fire warm, but not hot. This should all pass soon.

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