Sunday, June 6, 2010

Something Ain't Right

I ran a hot 12 miles on Saturday morning at the GRC and with the GRC. The temp was warm, but nothing we haven't experienced before and certainly nothing we won't experience in the coming weeks. The pace was pretty easy, but at the end we picked it up slightly while bombing down the Glover Archibald Trail. I was neither thirsty nor hungry at the end of the run and that pattern repeated itself throughout the weekend. My guess is that it some lingering affect of the virus/stomach bug I had earlier in the week. I've also been very tired, almost exhausted-like. I hope this passes.

Instead of my usual Sunday morning tradition of running my long run, I met Misters Ban, Murphy and HUGE down at the Towpath to hand out cold water/Gatorade to thirsty trailblazers. The humidity and sun drenched us in sweat. While joggers wetted their whistles we pitched the Father's Day race we are putting on in two weeks. It was quite successful. Of course this meant we had to postpone our long run until the evening...which we did. In fact the weather cooled after a massive thunderstorm came through mid-afternoon. We lucked out. I only got in 13-14, but that was enough today. I was again exhausted. I'll hit the hay early tonight. Right now in fact. 

Only 56 miles last week during my official "first week back". I hope to be at 75 next week.

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