Thursday, June 24, 2010

Looking Up

I aborted my morning run on Tuesday after my tummy began to rumble. I only got in 7.5 but headed out later that day during the deluge and got in another 5. This is the first time I've doubled twice in a week for a couple of months. I felt quite good bouncing through the rain and it's again a sign that I fair better running in the evening than in the EARLY morning (note - I feel like I run my best around 9am).

I ran an easy 5 on Wednesday morning and then met 7 other GRCers at B-CC that evening for a workout down the CCT. We decided to run the same workout as last week, partly because no one had any better ideas. I started the first 3 miles a bit too quick (5:31) then eased back into 5:40 pace. I felt pretty good despite the heat and humidity. The 2 miler (uphill) was run at 11:03 and the mile in 5:17 (again, uphill). My legs were tired, but I felt better than I did last week. I am certainly not going into the tank. I got in 15.5 for the day.

Thursday morning's run, as usual, was a death march. I met Wiggy and Dussy on the Trolley Trail and we proceeded down to Tilden Park. I literally dragged my feet for half the run and winced when the sun beat down. I shut it down after 8 and called it a day. Recovery day for sure.

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