Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Grind Continues...Always

Monday was humid...damn humid. I met Dickson at 6:30pm at the WW2 memorial on the Mall and, despite the fact I had only been running for 10 minutes, was soaked to the bone. We ran towards the Potomac and then promptly crossed it via Memorial Bridge before making our way to Teddy Roosevelt Island. We discussed marathon training; what to do and what not to do. I consider myself a marathon novice, so in addition to running lots of miles this summer, I am going to suck up as much knowledge as I can. Dix has a 2:29 on his resume. That ain't slow. Soon the sky opened up and we were met with one of DC's signature early summer afternoon/evening downpours. It was quite refreshing actually. After about 10 minutes clouds gave way to sunshine and we were off down Pennsylvania Ave. I double punched my watch and messed up my timing so I ran a half mile less than I wanted to. Worse things have happened.

I met Karl and Jordan at 6:45 this morning for a slog through Rock Creek Park. My legs were pretty thrashed (as they often are on Tuesday mornings) but it was a "good" thrash. I found myself back at Fox Den a little early so I forced myself to grind out an extra 10 minutes so that I could call it 10.

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