Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back to the West

"Go West, young man, and grow up with the country." - Horace Greeley

I shall follow Mr Greeley's advice...this time I am headed to Capital Reef National Park in Utah and this time I cross the Mississippi River for pleasure and not for work. I should be able to get a few runs in, but alas, May is my "off" month so I need not worry. That being said, I ran 67 miles over the last 7 days...which was a jump up from a combined total of 50 over the previous two weeks. I feel very tired and my legs are achy. I suspect this will all pass...eventually.

On Tuesday morning I ran about an hour and this morning I ran about 7.5 miles. I am simply trying to get it done and build a platform I can jump from come June 1. By the middle of next month I hope to be doing some workouts again.

But first I'll enjoy my last days of May and see what the West has to offer.


Chris Vames Sloane said...

I have been feeling very similar this May(achy legs), but feel like with more running it will pass.

Chris Vames Sloane said...
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