Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tired and Content

These races wear me down - I was a total mess on Monday...worse so than I was after Cherry Blossom. I spent the day gimping around work and fighting a general fatigue...the type of tired that no black coffee can snap you out of.

I met up with 4 other GRCers and a guy from my work for a run on Monday night. We dogged the pace but my legs still were achy, especially on the downhills. I got in 9 (in 69 minutes) and decided to take Tuesday off. I have a small "race" on Wednesday morning I am doing for work. It's an out-and-back 3 miler on Hains Point but I'm treating it as a workout for Broad Street (i.e. - 2-3 miles at 10-mile pace). The next three days will be easy. The work is done.

Unrelated Note - Puddy and Mitten, my pet cockatiels, laid 5 eggs on/after April 1...and as of yesterday ALL 5 hatched! Mitten, the hen, has laid many an egg before but they've all been duds. This past Christmas three of her eggs hatched...however, sadly, all expired. Well, the good news is that these 5 appear to be doing quite well. The bad news is that every time I eat, Puddy flies to me to take some of what I am eating so that he can regurgitate it to the chicks. The other night I set him up with his own plate of pizza crust at the dinner table. That little tiel can eat!

So, who wants a tiel? I'll start the bidding at $25.


Joe Wiggy said...

Good luck at the race/workout tomorrow morning. Let me know how goes.

Cockatiel inquiry: $25.00 here! (as long as this one doesn't constantly stand on my head)

Billy said...

Damn that's awesome. I'm envious!

Charlie Ban said...

I bid -$5

Towpath said...

"every time I eat, Puddy flies to me to take some of what I am eating so that he can regurgitate it to the chicks."

That is revolting. I ought to call the health inspector on you.

JARRIN said...

You should pay people to take them off your hands. Damn pigeons.


Andy said...

I agree with Towpath.

Instead of the bird regurgitating to the chicks, you should regurgitate it the chicks. You're much cleaner than a bird.

KLIM said...

My cockatiel posts get more comments/responses than my running posts...sad.