Saturday, April 17, 2010

On Tired Legs

I ran a workout with Joe, Dave, Karl and Dylan from The Store this morning along the Towpath. The plan was to run 5 x mile at 5flat resting for 2-2:30 after each rep. This is a tricky workout because you basically need to run my feel (there are no 1/4 or 1/2 splits) and each mile marker isn't necessarily 1.0 miles on the dot. Karl helped Joe and I along for the first three reps and then we were on our own. My tummy felt a little off for most of the workout after not getting the desired hydration/rest last night.

MM=Mile Marker

MILE # 1: MM4 - MM5 = .98 miles...ADJUSTED mile time is 5:03 (into wind)
MILE # 2: MM5 - MM6 = 1.01 miles... ADJUSTED time is 5:02 (into wind)
MILE # 3 MM6 - MM5 = 1.01 miles... ADJUSTED mile time is 4:57
MILE # 4: MM5 - MM4 = .98 miles... ADJUSTED mile time is 5:01
MILE # 5: MM4 - MM3 = 1.0 adjustment time is 4:49

If the goal was to hit 5 flat pace by feel...we certainly did that...and one would argue did better than that.

PHOTO - Chuck, Me, Joe, Karl at Firebird's Mile

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