Friday, April 30, 2010

A New Age Group

First, apologies to anyone older than 30 reading this blog...

By dawn tomorrow, May 1, I will be in a new age group - 30. Ironically, I tend to get depressed around my birthday and I've been dreading the big "Three Oh" for sometime. If I think way back, I bet I could remember what I did or where I was on most of my birthdays. I think turning 10 was cool. 16 was good. 18 was good, but I've still yet to try a cigarette. 20 sucked because that made me feel old and as if I was growing up. 21...well, that was pretty good. But every year after turning 21, birthdays seems to (surprisingly!) make me feel older! 30 will be no exception. I'll spend my 30th in a car bombing my way to Philadelphia for the Broad Street Run on Sunday. No celebrating for me - last year my birthday fell on a Friday and Broad Street almost suffered! Hopefully I'll be in a mood to celebrate after the race instead.

Today, I'll do my best to enjoy my last hours of a 20-something year old, then I'll take a long look in the mirror before I go to bed tonight and realize it's time to start a new decade.

"I am older than I once was, but younger than I'll be" - Simon & Garfunkel

I ran an easy 8 on Thursday and felt surprisingly good considering the "workout" I ran a day before. I ran an easy 5 today and will do the same tomorrow. Nothing to do now but rest and wait. This is it - my last race of the season and my first race in my new decade.

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