Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More on Cherry Blossom

After a day+ of reflection I am feeling a bit better about Cherry Blossom. It's not that I wasn't happy with my time, but the fact that I was out-run over the last 1/3rd of a mile by two other runners didn't sit very well with me.

Here are some other notes:

50:56 was a 33 second Cherry Blossom best and a 19-second PR.

My 10k split was only 10 seconds off my PR (which is "soft")

I believe I "PRed" in every (odd) distance from 7-10 miles today.

This was the most even 10 miler I've ever run - 25:22/25:34 (or 5:04/5:07)
Three separate running sites indicate that 10 miles is my best distance. Depending on which site you refer to I am capable of running 14:30s and/or low 2:20s.

I am psyched for Pikes Peek 10k; a new race distance and a new barrier to break. Aaron Church will be there.

Towpath says: "For the optimal cinematic experience, watch it here on YouTube in 720p HD , with quality headphones or speakers."

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