Friday, March 12, 2010


A good photo of Dirk and Tefera dropping me circa 3 miles last Saturday in Ashburn, VA.

On Thursday I ran an easy hour. For the most part, I've been running alone all week because Karl has been nursing an Achilles issue. I've missed his company, but the weather at least has been getting warmer and to be honest I'd rather have a 50 degree day without Karl, than a 30 degree day with Karl (that's a joke of course). But alone, I was not. I just so happened to come upon 3 Springer Spaniels during my run. I always stop to pet springers. After 45 minutes of activity, I wiggled out of my long sleeve and, for the first time since the fall, ran in short sleeves and shorts. How liberating it is to cruise along without extra garments. Spring is here.

I met Scott and the Chicken Tender Runner on Friday morning for a solid 10. We were greeted with a light rain, but also with the warmest morning of the year. T-shirt and shorts again. We cruised up and around Kensington and came back down through Rock Creek Trail, adding an out-and-back along the Deer Trail. I saw one of the springers again. Unlike a month ago, I am feeling very refreshed and ready to fight.

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