Wednesday, February 17, 2010

sNOw Fox

After steepling and outright hurdling some snow banks, I met our friend JARRIN outside his office just a block from the White House. This time he hadn’t forgotten his shoes.

We arrived at The Mall and found the sidewalks so-so, so we decided to venture to Hains Point since:

1. the roads would likely be clear of snow and cars, and

2. we could see some foxes

While running down the Potomac side of the point we were surprised to hear footsteps walking us down. Surprised it might be a PACER, I quickly turned and got into a defensive position. However, it was only Patrick Murphy. I unclenched my fist and lowered my karate leg, then together we waited for Patrick’s friend Dan to arrive. This was all happenstance. A few minutes later, the four of us were bounding with wind at our back down to the point. A red fox darted to our left and an excited JARRIN began to shout. My eyes began to scan the horizon in search of more foxes. Could I set a NEW record today? A few weeks ago I saw 7 red fox out this way. JARRIN began telling stories about his sore tooth, his sore tongue, his sore back and bitching about having round lung, polio and other oddities. I rolled my eyes as it was distracting me from eyeing foxes. Ten minutes later, he was still talking and I realized he was probably scaring all the foxes with his voice. I was enraged, but I said nothing. We made the turn at the point but then came face to face with a giant wall of snow. We couldn’t even see around the “ice berg” so I bounded through the icy snow to the side but all I found was an unplowed road. We decided to run back. The wind was brutal and it chilled out cheeks and noses. We bunny hopped our way back across the Mall and I went back to work. I got in 10.


Andy said...

I commend your patience and tolerance.

JARRIN said...

I like the "round lung"...nice touch.


Peter said...

Classic JARRIN. Can't wait for the next TREK.

JARRIN said...

Foxy Red has a doozie lined up...details are possible hint: Memorial Day 2010.


KLIM said...

Another hint - Rim to Rim Grand Canyon