Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Four Mile Tempo

I met Karl & Dirk for a 4 mile tempo at The Line. Our plan was to run north along Beach until we hit East/West Hwy, turn 180 degs, run back to where we started, turn 180 degs and repeat. Marren met us there to do a marathon-pace four miler and Sloane was there running back-and-forth-and-back on Beach.

We warmed up for 3 miles, shed excess clothes and towed the line. My goal was to run Cherry Blossom pace (5:05s) but I wasn't sure if the road conditions (which were actually pretty good) and the traffic (it wasn't too bad) would play a factor. I trailed behind Dirk and Karl and felt pretty good. I hit the first turn-around in 5:11 (Dirk said to subtract about 10 secs to get a mile time). It was a little quick but what was I suppose to do? We headed back south and seemed to settle a little. I u-turned at The Line and checked the watch (10:26). A tad slower. Karl then took over the pace setting duties and seemed to pull away. Was I slowing down or was he speeding up? Dirk began to gap me too, but I felt as if I was working pretty good nonetheless. When we hit the next turn-around (5k in 15:33) I knew we had picked it up. Dirk seemed to labor around 3.25 miles so I came up on his shoulder then took the lead. Karl danced just ahead. I settled into a good rhythm and tried to relax as we crested the slight incline near the elementary school. Dirk came up on my side and together we coasted in side by side - 20:46 or 20:08 for 4 miles (5:02 pace). This is actually close to my 4 mile PR. I felt good and aside from breathing in the 30 degree air had no major complaints. I am glad Dirk rallied the troops and convinced us to run the workout with another major snow storm looming. We cooled down for 20 minutes and then Marren, Karl and I ate our weight at a local diner.

4.12 miles in 20:46, or 5:02 pace. Adjusted mile splits are below:


The Route - http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=3465664

6 mile shake out with Karl in the afternoon. 16 for the day.


Peter said...

We've got to get you in a flat fast 5k. You can breach the 25min barrier

Peter said...

Edit: fast 8k

KLIM said...

That day is 3/6...24:35 is da goal