Friday, February 12, 2010

Digging Out

I feel guilty running by people shoveling their driveways. I want to stop and help...only I don't. I am a terrible person. On Thursday I ran by people from all walks of life - rich & poor, all creeds, races and both sexes - ALL digging out after the epic storm. I did my best to stick to side streets where I was away from the wrath of the motorist and the dull edge of the plow. I felt pretty good and got in 10. Later in the day I met Karl for an easy 5.5. This put me at 95 miles over the last 7 days and if things go as they've been going, this should put me at a similar total by the time Sunday rolls around.

On Friday I met Karl for another run through the neighborhoods. My legs felt tired and heavy after slugging through snowy streets all week. I was lucky to get in 11. No double for me today.

Next week I'll return to my normal training schedule. Winter Running Camp (c/o The Blizzard of 2010) is over...

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