Monday, February 22, 2010

Cold & Wet

Today's run sucked. It was 34 degrees and rainy. I met Jarrin outside his work and we ran at a good clip down to Hains Point. Jarrin pointed out a handsome red fox (no, not me folks) which me marvelled at before continuing on our way. The Potomac side of the point was quite peaceful...but once we got to the Anacostia side, things were different. The rain by now had soaked through my jacket and gloves and I was starting to get cold. I only had a t-shirt on under my jacket and my pants were heavy. Brrr. I hadn't felt this miserable on Hains Point since the Veteran's Day 10k back in 2006. The rain that day came down sideways...and in sheets. The wind damn near stopped us in our tracks. It was definitely a "place race" and not a "time race". I remember tactically racing the last 2 miles with a small pack of runners; each of us splitting leader duties. I ended up running a 32:45 or so (a PR at the time) but after the race I came closer than I ever have to hypothermia. My gym back, which was filled with dry clothes, was sitting in a mucky puddle and I "cooled down" by racing back to my car parked somewhere near that Einstein statue. A miserable day.

...and today was miserable too. By the time I got back to the Mall I had picked up the pace significantly and was trucking back to work. My fur was soaked and my paws were cold. Screw 10 miles I was going to be lucky to get in 9. I crawled back into work with my tail between my legs and changed back into dry clothes.


RM said...

Veterans Day 10k 2006 was one of the most miserable racing experiences of my life as well. It was the first time in my life I contemplated getting back in the car and leaving (after I got my shirt). It was not raining in Baltimore that morning, and, as I awoke after a scant 1.5 hours of sleep, I hit the rain halfway down the BW Parkway. I had to park about a mile away from the start, and just got sulked in the rain. It was eery walking through the Korean War Memorial as at least they looked like they had raincoats.

I ran terrible, got sat on by the lead girls, slinked across the line and then ran back to my car and split. I think it was compounded by the fact I went to the race alone, which I don't do often - someone else is almost always running.

This beats out Pike's Peek 2003 (40 degrees and rain) and probably ties Columbia Triathlon 2003 (40 degrees, rain, 60 degree water temp) as the most miserable races ever.

KLIM said...

Yes - 40 degs and rain is far worse than 30 and snow, 0, or cold brutal wind.