Friday, February 19, 2010

Beat It?

On Wednesday I ran an easy 9 in the morning. Again, I was subjected to the neighborhoods since sidewalks, bike paths and trails are still covered in snow. That evening I ran 6 on the treadmill while doing laundry. I cranked the grade up to 5.5 and brought the pace down to sub 6. I was quickly drenched in sweat, but I didn't keep the intensity up very long. After both runs my upper right leg I contemplated what to do. What to do...

I took Thursday completely off. This was my "0" since November 8. I've had plenty of rest days, but no off days. The day off did the trick, so it seems.

I didn't run again until Friday evening. I found myself exploring a residential neighborhood just a mile or so away. I followed meandering roads which led to small parking lots which led to more roads. I was in a labyrinth. For most of the run I honestly didn't know where I was. Eventually I got my coordinates and shuffled back to the Fox Den. I only ran 50 minutes. No leg pain whatsoever after the run. I hope it stays that way.

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