Sunday, January 31, 2010

Training Progress Report # 1

I am in the midst of my surge and all is going very well.

I have not missed a day of running since returning from Germany some 12 weeks ago. This is without a doubt the longest streak of “on days” I’ve had in my entire 15 years of running. I’m not attempting to be anal. If I NEED a day off, I will take a day off. And, I most certainly will come March, April & May. But, so far, I’ve felt I have not needed one. Over these past 12 weeks I’ve averaged just shy of 11 miles a day or, more accurately, 75 miles per week. This is 11 miles MORE per week than I averaged in 2009.

But this update is centered on the 7 weeks of training that started after the USATF XC Champs (12/13) and ends on the last day of January. During these 7 weeks, I’ve averaged 81 miles per week. This is 17 miles MORE per week than I averaged per week in 2009. During that time I’ve noticed the following:

1. My body is now comfortable running 85 mile weeks. A year ago, and even a month ago, my legs felt achy and sore once I flirted with mid-high 80s, now I feel like 85 is my new 70. The latter a number I was (am) able to hit with playground ease.

2. My 2 hour (plus) runs feel more comfortable. These too use to leave me feeling achy, sore and tired. Now I am running them more often. However, I need to do a better job making my long runs actually long (e.g. – 18-20) with a down week every 3rd of 4th week. I also need to continue to throw in marathon-pace effort from time to time.

3. I am MUCH better than I was a year ago when it comes to track workouts. This is the BIGGEST improvement. I am kind of a wuss when it comes to working out. I’ve never been good at it, and frankly don’t like the track that much, but it must be done. This is a result of my legs hardening up to mileage, but it is also a result of having so many guys to workout with. Running 4:40s for 1600m on frigid, moonless nights is a miserable pastime, but it’s a bit more tolerant when there are others suffering too. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the team for this, especially Karl, who I am constantly chasing.

I intend to uptick the mileage from here and climb close to 100 mpw. This seems doable and appropriate based on how I’ve handled the climb to 85-90. I have 5 weeks until my racing season starts, but I am still hoping to get in an indoor 5k before then. As I am typing, I just received a call nixing my admission into a race at the NYC Armory. This proposition seems less and less likely as the weeks roll on.


dirkdeheer said...

and so you WILL run another year of PBs!

KLIM said...

Let us hope so!