Monday, December 28, 2009

Slow Going

By 7:30am I had an extra large coffee in hand and was in the process of bombing my way back to Maryland. I made great time until I hit exit 11 on the NJTP. It was here that life began to suck. I finally crawled home around 6:30pm. My belly was filled with the worst types of food: egg McMuffins from McDonalds, double cheeseburgers from Burger King, pizza from Sbarro and lots and lots of coffee. I burped and then slipped on my running shoes. I kept the pace very easy and tried not to hurl. A few times I felt acid reflux but thankfully I didn't lose my lunch...or was it dinner? Other than that I felt surprisingly good...

However, that was not the case on Monday morning. I hit the roads at 7:30 but never felt good. I was breathing hard and my legs didn't want to move forward. Once I slipped on the ice and nearly dove into a tree. A minute later I stubbed my toe and went flying into what was left of the snow. I shook off and continued on my way. The body was telling me to relax, so I did just that. I slowly made my way back home and called it a day. By my calculations, this is my worst run in weeks, but I am certainly due a bad day after feeling so good, so often.

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