Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Black Ice & White Snow

The roads today were again treacherous. This time I got the guts to escape my road and ventured to a neighboring street which splintered off to a few other streets. There was no shoulder so I moved as fast as I could as to not upset everyone on the road. Again, there wasn't much to work with in terms of a good run, but I sort of zenned out and made back-and-forths on every single dead end/side street I could find. The snow for the most part was packed down but there was the occasional ice patch. The wind again was biting. The sun was bright as hell and it kept me warm and toasty. After the run I shoveled snow for the good part of an hour. running on the snow has been great for the cardio and great on the legs. Aside from the rare slip or twist, my legs have had less of an impact and I feel like I am finishing all my runs with plenty of reserve power. I clocked my last mile today in the snow and found out it was a 6:30. It doesn't sound all that fast, but it was all over powdery snow and around patches of black ice. Regardless, I am feeling good. 10 miles.

PHOTO - looking north from Cummaquid into Cape Cod Bay/Atlantic Ocean.

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